We invite users to the Nemoz Archive!

Hello. This is Nemoz Lab.
In commemoration of the opening of the Nemoz Archive
We are holding an event where we select 3 users every week who upload high-quality images to the Nemoz Archive and give them cultural gift certificates worth 50,000 won.
Upload a high-quality image to Nemoz Archive now and catch your luck~
Q. How do I participate in the event?
A. All you have to do is upload a bunch of high-quality images to the Nemoz archive!
Q. What is the drawing method?
A. We will be holding a drawing among those who have been selected as PICK among the high-quality images uploaded by Nemoz Archive users!
Q. What do I need to do to be selected for PICK?
A. We select it based on overall consideration of good images and photos uploaded or those with a high number of likes! (EX. Artist photos taken directly and secondary creations)
※ Notice
Announcements of winners can be found in the Nemoz announcement every Wednesday at 3 PM.
For overseas users, payment is made via PayPal.
If you delete a post you wrote during the event period, your participation in the event will be automatically invalidated.
This event may change or end without further notice.