Enjoy K-POP on your hands with Nemoz!

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Enjoy K-POP on your hand with Nemoz!
Playing album smartly with Nemo card activation
A Nemo Album collection lasting forever
12 languages supported for the K-POP fans all around the world
Pronunciation marks for global sing-along
A video player for both mobile and TV
Nemoz is EASY. Install Nemoz App on your smartphone and activate the Nemo Card on your account. There are 3 types of Nemo Card. Nemo Card is issued either by NFC Type, which certifies the card by simply tagging on a smartphone, by Nemo Code Type, which certifies the card by scanning a unique code ‘Nemo Code’ with the camera function on Nemoz App, or by QR Type, which everybody can use easily.
You can enjoy various content such as music, videos, books, and many more on your own Nemoz space. Nemoz supports 12 different languages to enjoy K-POP and K-contents without language barriers, and pronunciation to sing along with the original language of the songs.
When you activate a Nemo Card on your account, you can own the contents of the Nemo Card forever. Nemo Card uses a unique certifying system. Users can easily certify and activate it on their account by using NFC, Nemo Code, or QR code. Also, random photo cards inserted in the album can be certified ‘genuine’ through the Nemo code. Every product and content produced by Nemoz is easy-to-use and substantially proven. This serves customers with satisfaction and gives the value of possession.
On the main page, you can swipe cards and see the albums activated on your account. We tried to give a sense of unity by designing every page in a card shape. Of course, you can align them on a single page to see all the albums you bought. In the world of Nemo Album, you can enjoy various content such as MUSIC, VIDEO, Gallery, and so on. All the contents are supported in 12 languages!
1 ) MUSIC: You can play music in high quality, with a background play function. Also, you can read lyrics and pronunciations in 12 different languages and see who sings the lyrics.
2) VIDEO: You can watch HD-quality videos with subtitles in 12 languages. Our service supports TV casts as well.
3) GALLERY: We designed our app based on fans’ wishes. Fans can now download high-quality album photos on our GALLERY.
Nemoz will try its best for fans around the world to enjoy K-POP and K-contents with fewer efforts and more satisfaction.