2. What is the advantage of a ‘Nemo Album’?

For KPOP fans all around the world, we provide multi-language support. We provide translated lyrics and subtitles and give information on the album in different languages. Also, we provide pronunciation codes for sing-alongs.
Nemo Album contains not only music but also video, images, and other content. The traditional album can only deliver music, but Nemo Album can provide a variety of content without the limitation of storage capacity. The content gets continuous updates for the users of Nemoz App.
Users can play the music in high-quality. The background play function is also available. Also, you can listen to music in AR and INST mode.
Users can enjoy the video not only on the App but also on big screens. Try using Chromecast or AirPlay to enjoy the videos on the App on a TV screen!
Nemo Album comes in a size smaller than a palm and weighs as light as 15~60g. So, global fans can save the shipping cost! Nemo Album, as a new album platform, will try to develop the service that the fans love, and expand our service to satisfy those who buy our album.